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Take notes and collaborate with others via push notifications.


Shop online and place purchase orders for restaurant products.


Swiftly apply and request for time off from your managers.


Comprehensive details on potential suppliers in the market.




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This is a totally cool app. We run three restaurants and find it really flexible in managing all of them through one application.

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Frequently Asked Question

The questions our customers usually ask.
How do I get started?
Go to my.inomas.app/registration page and create a Business Owner account. Now the Business Owner can invite Employees and manage his restaurant activities as well.
What are the steps to set up Inomas?
First, open a QR account in your app. Next, specify the opening and closing hours of your restaurant. Then include the department's available in your restaurant and define the durations expected for work shifts. Now you can connect your employees to your application by sending them an invitation to join in. You can manage, schedule shifts, and also auto-generate your work plans if necessary. Once all the necessary actions are done, employees can scan the QR codes to log in their attendance.
How do I record my attendance?
The Business Owner has to download the Inomas QR app from PlayStore to an Android phone. Then go to the Settings of the app and set up a QR account. Now the employee can scan the QR code on his “Attendance” page for his attendance to be recorded into the system.
How do I add my employees?
First, go to the Business Owner dashboard in your app. Next, go to the Employee details page and click the “Invite” button. Then fill-up the required fields and send an invitation to your employee. The Employee will then receive an email to accept your invitation to join your restaurant.
How do I contact Inomas?
Go to inomas.app/contact to contact our team and fill in the necessary details. We will be glad to respond as soon as possible.
How do I sign up for the Inomas newsletter?
Go to the bottom of our website and provide your email address in the textbox beside the description “Join our newsletter”.

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